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Agent Brand CNC Oxygen Cutting
Agent Brand CNC Pipe machining
Dener Brand Akbent Twist 6 mm - 13 mm
Dener Brand Guillotine Cutting 6 mm - 13 mm
Dener Brand Guillotine Cutting 6 mm - 13 mm
Rowes Brand Automatic Submerged Arc Welding Line
Kesmak Brand Band Saw
Aymaksan Brand 280 Band Saw
Radial drill
Column Drill
Oerlikon Magmaweld Arc Welding
Ozen Gas Welding
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Oerlikon Electrical Supply
Esab Electric Supply
Roll Slitting
Roll Sizing
Şahinler Machinery Combined Scissors
Theodolite Measuring Instrument
Laser Nivo
Bülbüloğlu Brand Ceiling Crane
Özfatihler Brand Ceiling Crane
Acar Kombassan Brand Hiab Crane 35 Ton
Acar Kombassan Brand Hiab Crane 30 Ton
Bostancı Brand None Crane 25 Ton
Özördüncüler Brand Yokb Crane 10 Ton
Coles Brand Telescope Crane 40 Ton
Rocket, Hand Drill, Tightening Torques Etc ...

About Us

Its long-standing success depends on the philosophy of quality and trust it never compromises. For this reason, the projects it carries out increases the quality line that is growing day by day with the same determination. It is our only vision to fulfill the requirements of modern technology based on the truth at all times and to maintain the line accepted by the modern world in our projects while preserving our traditional values.